Buying & Selling Online

The northern lights making an appearance in Town on Dawson Trail Days weekend, 2022.

Buying & Selling Online


Buying & selling online using platform such as Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji is convenient and easy, but not without risk. Sainte-Anne Police Service reommends everyone follow these simple, helpful tips to complete transactions safely:


1) Complete your transaction at a safe location and time.
Meet in a public space during daylight hours, preferably not alone. Sainte-Anne Police Service (SAPS) encourages citizens to conduct legal buy and sell transactions at our station parking lot, located at 608 Traverse Rd. Please note that station property is subject to video monitoring, and that officers do not assist with transactions. Exchanges involving weapons or illegal items are not permitted, and SAPS does not assume responsibility for use of our space to conduct transactions. 

2) Check if the item was reported stolen.
Any member of the public can search serial numbers of property, vehicles and other items online to see if they were reported stolen using the Canadian Police Information Centre search. Ask for a photo of the serial number for the item you are purchasing before meeting to run this simple check.

3) Be cautious with personal information and know who you are dealing with.
Don't provide your personal information to anyone, including banking details. Use generic photos when posting an item, ensuring your home address or other identifiable information is not visible. Check the buyer/seller's name through an online search engine to see if they are linked to any known scams. 

4) Conduct payment safely.
If using cash, take only enough for you to pay for the item you are purchasing. Never pay for an item until you have received it. If a seller is requesting payment using a strange method - such as requesting a wire transfer or requesting gift cards, exercise additional caution. Trust your instincts! If something feels wrong, it probably is.